What we’re all about.

Since our very beginning, we’ve been developing InsightVX with one lofty ambition – to provide the ultimate survey analytics solution for market researchers, brand managers, analysts, and other insights specialists around the world. In our vision we don’t just want InsightVX to be accessible to the experts; we want to provide every user with the tools to extract meaningful and valuable insights from their survey data in minutes, regardless of their analytics abilities or the market they operate in. We also believe that in this day and age, steep learning curves just aren’t an option – with this belief to guide us, we’ve developed InsightVX in collaboration with countless insights professionals just like you. This has enabled us to craft solutions that define user friendliness and simplicity, while providing a powerful platform of integrated applications to approach any and every survey analytics and reporting task.

Our Guiding Principles

Survey data is our game:
Unlike most analytics solutions that just include survey data analysis as an afterthought, we’ve taken the field and made it our own. Extracting valuable insights easily and fast lies at the heart of a pure-blooded survey analytics solution built around the unique needs of consumer insights professionals. InsightVX knows what you want to get out of your survey data, and it knows how to help you do it.

Everything you need:
We always have our finger on the pulse of the needs of our users. Not only do we rely on their ongoing input and feedback, but we also put ourselves in their shoes and do the things they do with survey data every day. This hands-on approach has enabled us to design InsightVX as an unrivaled survey analytics solution – by insights professionals for insights professionals.

Up and running in minutes:
We’ve designed InsightVX to enable users to begin generating insights from the moment it’s installed. No lengthy customization and no special setup procedures required – it’s all GO.

Low cost of ownership:
InsightVX is built to work on standard, off-the-shelf computer systems, through an exceptionally lightweight design that makes efficient use of system resources.This doesn’t make it a lightweight in terms of performance though – crunch responses from surveys of any size and complexity, all on the hardware you already own.

Scales to any size:
Right now, our analytics packages are tackling projects ranging from the smallest departmental survey to the largest international studies – all on the same platform. It doesn’t matter how quickly and to what extent your business and your survey analytics needs grow, InsightVX scales with your needs to make sure you keep on getting the full value from your data.

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