Helping market research data tell its story

Transform market research data into stunning dashboards and visualisations. Collaborate to create reports effortlessly and share insights with anyone.

Everything you need to unlock the value in your market research data.

Insight VX is a purpose built survey analytics platform for all of your survey data analytics needs, providing a seamless end-to-end analytics experience. Import your data. Run analysis. Create dashboards. Export and share the results.

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All of your data in one place

All of your surveys in a single secure repository, on your own servers. Update, share and analyse your data with ease.

Faster analytics

Your first insights in under a minute! Insight VX lets you quickly and easily process, analyze, and visualise market research data.

Compelling dashboards

Let your survey data tell its story through dynamic dashboards that provide actionable insights to drive business decision making.

Automated reporting

Reports automatically update whenever new data is available, ensuring that you'll will always have access to the latest insights.

Modern survey data analytics for teams and individuals.

Built from the ground up to handle the complexity of your survey data, Insight VX rapidly transforms your data from white noise into decision driving insights that anyone can understand – not just the data experts.


Ask questions of your data by simply dragging and dropping variables. Transform your query results into captivating data tables and charts with a single click.

Data Preparation & Management

Seamlessly import a wide range of industry standard data formats. Quickly clean up messy data labels and restructure data sets to get them analysis-ready.

Online Dashboarding & Automated Reporting

Create visually stunning dashboards on the fly. Easily customise them to your exact needs and ensure that stakeholders see exactly what they need to.

Export Results

Create dynamic presentations with 1-click exporting to Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel. Publish slideshows and spreadsheets, complete with live, interactive data.

Tracking Studies

Insight VX dashboards make it simple to track key brand metrics over time. Automatic results updating puts changes in brand awareness, loyalty, and associations at your fingertips.

Collaborate & Share

Work individually, or together on team-based projects - in the cloud or on your desktop. Edit, interact, and share your results with the people who need to see them.

One survey analytics solution. Multiple platforms.

Available on your mobile device and desktop PC, Insight VX gives you the ability to investigate your data from anywhere. Work individually or collaborate on projects with team members in the cloud, and share your results with anyone. Alternatively, go offline and generate insights right on your desktop.

Cloud Edition

A dashboard and analysis platform fully hosted in the cloud. Create, customise and export dashboards, and share your insights with anyone.

Desktop Edition

One platform to serve all of your survey data analytics needs. Take advantage of powerful features that make your data fully exploitable.

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“An incredibly valuable tool for my marketing team, helping us keep up to date with our market and consumers."

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