Survey Analytics + Reporting.
Done Right.

Visual insights platforms that let you analyze and visualize survey data, and share the results with ease.

Turn Your Survey Data Into Valuable Insights

InsightVX is purpose built to handle the complexity of your survey data, rapidly transforming it from white noise into decision driving insights that anyone can understand – not just the data experts. Easily create beautiful dashboards, charts and presentations that let your data tell the story in a stunning visual format. Through automated reporting capabilities, securely share insights with your team, clients, and other stakeholders.


Fast, Easy Analysis

We want our users to be able to transform their raw survey data into valuable insights in minutes. To achieve this level of performance, the functionality of InsightVX focuses on simplifying and speeding up data analysis through an efficient drag and drop system. Get answers to your questions as fast as you can think of them.


Share the Results That Matter

Say goodbye to having to prepare PowerPoint slides – our software does it for you! Seamlessly export all of your analysis results automatically to PowerPoint and Excel, taking the grind out of preparing presentations and spreadsheets. Save yourself a heap of time, and focus on what really matters – sharing your results.


Visual Insights For Everyone

Forget about learning curves. Whether you’re an expert or a user completely new to data analytics, InsightVX makes sure the technical stuff is taken care of behind the scenes, leaving you with true user-friendliness, with no compromise on power and versatility. Through intuitive drag & drop functionality, built on years of experience, InsightVX will have you and your team generating insights from first launch. Drag in questions, get back answers – it’s that simple.


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